Diego del Rio Diaz-Jara and Maria Teresa Gil Lucientes
The Amazon jungle, Brazil
"Under the sea, it seems my every gaze is as stolen from some forbidden world; and it triggers an emotional shock that never flags, no matter how many times I dive..." Jacques-Yves Cousteau, 1976
About us...

Maite was born in Zaragoza (Spain). She graduated from University of Zaragoza with a double major in Physics and Mathematics. After graduation she moved to Barcelona for a year and completed her studies of violin before being accepted by the School of Engineering of Stanford University. She completed a Master in Computer Science in 2005 and has been working at Oracle since then. When not making plans about her next travel destination Maria enjoys her time training for her next marathon, grooming her cat Pelusilla, and painting.

Diego was born in Seville (Spain). He graduated with a PhD in Chemistry from University of Seville in 2003 and moved to Stanford University for a postdoc immediately after that. In June 2006 he got a job at SRI International where he has been working since then. When he is not talking with Maria about their next travel destination, Diego spends his time cooking and following Maria with his bike when she is training.

Despite Maite’s claims to have visited Seville for a few days in 1992 and Diego’s visit to Zaragoza in 1998 they did not cross their paths until they found each other at Stanford University on September 2003. They have been exploring the world together since then. We currently live in Los Altos, with our cat Pelusilla. This web-page, always under development, was started in October 2008 and it is intended to be a personal collection of photos about our travels around the world and our lives in California. We hope you like it!

Maite and Diego

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