Diego and Maite
Great Wall, China
"Give me a map, give me a ship, and I can take you to where we are going to discover entirely new things" Cindy Lee Van Dover, 2005
Our travels in North America...

Pollock, Maite May 2011: Memorial weekend in New York!
Malibu Los Angeles 2010: We enjoyed wonderful weather and discovered Pasadena and Malibu
New York Art and food in New York during Memorial weekend 2010
Alta Ski Resort, Salt Lake City, USA March 2009: We were skiing in Snowbird and Alta ski resorts, Salt Lake City
Vancouver, Canada Canada 2008: We visited Vancouver during Thanksgiving
Teotihuacan, Mexico City Mexico City 2007: Christmas trip to Mexico City and Puebla
Kalalau Trail, Kauai Kauai 2007: Our Kauai adventure: Hiking, scuba diving, surfing...
BigSur, USA Big Sur, LA and San Diego 2005: We drove to LA and San Diego through the Big Sur
Las Vegas, USA Las Vegas 2005: We spent a long weekend having lots of fun
Izamal, Mexico Mexico 2005: After Stanford Graduation, we spent 10 days in the Yucatan peninsula
NewYork, USA New York and Washington 2004: We visited both cities during the summer
Boston, USA Boston 2004: We spent the spring break there
Los Angeles, USA Los Angeles 2003: We spent the Thanksgiving there

"Strange and beautiful things were brought to us from time to time, which seemed to give us a glimpse of some unfamiliar world" Sir Charles Wyville Thomson, 1872
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